Smartmind is a company providing services in all sectors.
Smartmind Inc. is a technology company that provides engineering services for institutional infrastructures within the scope of data science. Smartmind is an active company in all sectors that need to provide experienced specialists.

It has a dynamic, competent and expert team led by competent and experienced founders who have conducted value-added studies in its sector for many years. Smartmind develops solutions in the scope of data warehouse, analytics-modeling-decision support systems, big data and data mining fields which are needed by the data world.

Vision; To be a leading company in the field of data science, in response to the needs of the industry, producing innovative solutions in accordance with technology, producing fast, efficient, ethical and professional solutions.


Smartmind offers the best solutions together with its leading business partners.

Smartmind Inc. is a technology company that provides engineering services for institutional infrastructures within the scope of data science.
Oracle partnership
Oracle products are scalable and secure with high performance capability compared to other databases on the market.
Microstrategy partnership
Are you ready to meet MicroStrategy, which offers the most reliable and comprehensive solutions for delivering your data to the right people in an understandable way?
SAS partnership
SAS simplifies data access and preparation, improves data quality, and provides optimal processes to increase the productivity of your analytics projects.
IBM partnership
As IBM Turkey business partner, Smartmind offers fast and precise solutions in data analytics, data analysis, statistics, big data analysis with its professional team.


Smartmind founded İstanbul


Oracle partnership


MicroStrategy partnership


SAS partnership


IBM partnership


A. Emre Öztuna holds a B.Sc. degree from the Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul University, Turkey. For more than 15 years, he has undertaken managerial and expert roles in various in large scale IT projects on Database Design, Data Warehouse Design, Decision Support Systems Design and Implementation, Multidimensional Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) Consultancy.

He is highly experienced on training, support and coaching of IT staff of governmental organizations for enabling effective participation on software development process. He is certified for various suites Oracle and SAS.


Dr. Kaskatı was graduated from Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science at Hacettepe University, and completed his MA and PhD at Ankara University, Department of Biostatistics. Currently he has been giving the lectures at universities in Analytics methods and data management, Statistics Projects, Data Mining and Statistics Applications topics.

He has provided technical expertise in analytics and data mining within mid and large scale projects and managed the projects as a project manager. He has profound experience in Business Development in Public Sector; Project Cycle Management & Project implementation practices in the fields of Social, Justice, Transportation, Tourism, Energy, IT, Health, Education, Finance and Education Statistics in European Union, United Nations, World Bank and TUBITAK funded Programmes.

Süleyman AKKUM - Co-Founder, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Solutions

Süleyman Akkum graduated from Ege University, Department of Computer Engineering and completed his MBA at Maltepe University.

He has been involved in many large and medium scale data warehouse and business intelligence projects in many different sectors such as insurance, bank, telecom for more than 12 years.

He has worked as a manager and expert in large scale IT projects in Data Warehouse Analysis and Design, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Business Intelligence (BI), Advanced Analytics, Big Data etc. He has also worked as an instructor on these subjects.

Rauf Dilsiz -Managing Partner, Sales

Rauf Dilsiz graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Computer Science. In 2016, he completed his master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Istanbul Bilgi University.

He has developed business for almost every sector including banking, insurance, retirement, manufacturing, retail, energy, telecom for nearly 10 years, For the last 5 years, he has been developing business in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Database and Corporate Performance Management in these sectors and working in various sales solutions.

Data Analysis and Analytical Solutions

Data is everywhere. The amount of digital data available is rapidly increasing. The data flow that doubles every two years gives direction to our lives. According to IBM research, 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) of data was produced every day in 2012.

Data Science is a combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, problem solving, data handling, the ability to look at something different, and cleaning, preparing and aligning data.

  • Database engineering, is the process of creating a database management system. Our expert engineers design and build the most appropriate data management system for your organization.

  • Data warehouse, is one of the most important elements of business intelligence consolidation. It enables the organization of all different data analysis and data reporting formats.

  • Data science, is simply all of the techniques used to understand and extract data.

What you get

You get a flexible data platform that supports your current business and technical goals and can keep pace with future changes.

Reduce Your Investment Cost

You get rid of unnecessary investments in your project. You will have a flexible architecture adapting to future developments.

Know Your Customers Better

You will have more information about your customers. You can easily follow the needs of your customers.

Advanced Analytics

You will achieve much more accurate results with advanced statistical analysis. You improve the quality and accuracy of your data.

Increase Your Profits

You can avoid unnecessary investments with the right platforms, You have a flexible architecture that is compatible with next generation technologies.

Flexible Architecture

You get a flexible data platform that can easily adapt to possible changes in the future.

Compatible Digital Platforms

You get modern systems that can work in compatible with many technology platforms under favor of the standards applied.

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